Monday, January 7, 2019

A Pastor finds another Jerusalem outside the walls of the church!

As a pastor, I appreciate CEF’s commitment to the multi-faceted foundations of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Through well-written songs and actions, creative crafts with the purpose of the lesson, and much interaction time with believers who know how to share the Good News, CEF is able to impact children’s lives forever.
My son went through some of the training and helped at one of the Good News Clubs® and, while I’m sure the kids at the club benefited by his love and word from the Lord for them, my son was changed forever too.  He is now leading Bible studies and able to share his faith with friends and co-workers more succinctly. 
Bringing the members of our church to CEF training for Good News Club’s or any of the other teaching is a high priority for me.  As I attend these sessions,
I appreciate how well they are taught, how practical they are, and how memorable too.  It is a priority for believers in Christ, if not priority number one, to be able to handle the Word of God and explain salvation to those who have not yet heard or accepted the free gift God offers. For too long most believers, including myself, have floundered in this most-important area in our life as a child of God.  With CEF, we don’t have to flounder anymore.  They have the resources for the church to be the church!
One final note, each Good News Club is an extension of the church that sponsors it. What a great outreach for any church.  Let’s fund and staff more Good News Club’s from our local churches!

Pastor Dan Hummel 
Hartford Bible Church

St Croix Verse-a-thon

December, 2018

We held our Sixth Annual Verse-A-Thon on November 10, 2018 at Alliance Church of the Valley. There were 10 participants who recited 362 verses in all! What a tremendous blessing spiritually to be a listener at one of the recitation stations. My heart swelled as the participants quoted God’s Word.
In the photo from left to right are: Wendy Bachman, Bill Stirrat, Makaila Brown, Shannon Hoppe, Renee Iverson, Karen Schnell and Paul Wagner (not shown: Isaiah, Julia and Natalie Milner). Our top three finishers were Wendy, Bill and Shannon. Wendy was our winner, reciting 45 verses in under 17 minutes and 10 verses in our bonus round.
These ten participants raised around $5,000 to enable us to get the Gospel to the children in our six-county chapter.  These funds will help us run our 5-Day Club® ministry in the summer, train teens at Christian Youth In Action® camp, teach adults at area churches how to reach children for Jesus, run after-school Good News Clubs and other outreaches throughout the year.
Thank you to all who participated, listened to verses at our recitation stations and helped make the event successful by your financial gifts and prayers .  ~Lisa Inlow

Monday, November 12, 2018

Past Volunteers return to CEF

Louise Meske
October is the start up month for most Good News Clubs in the Greater Madison Area. We are excited to see God’s plan unfold this year. We have experienced an increase in new volunteers who are on fire for Christ. God has also brought back two dynamic returning veterans, Alice Howard and Louise Meske. The combined experience of these two ladies’ spans over 30 years. Alice and Louise bring a wealth of experience. Both have taught GNC’s and 5DC’s with CEF in the past. They also served God as missionaries and teacher trainers. Louise received her training in Cypress and went on to India, and New Delhi where she served as a teacher trainer and a missionary. Alice received her training at CMI and was sent by CEF on a 4-month missions’ trip to evangelize and minister to children in Macomb, Mississippi and New Orleans after those areas were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Alice also taught Good News clubs in several Madison schools during her years with CEF. When I look at the spiritual gifts of the volunteers and returning veterans God has blessed us with this year it lets me know He plans to do great things in the Greater Madison Area in 2018-2019.
Alice Howard teaching club
Cheryl Knox Ministry Coordinator
Greater Madison Chapter.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Little Kids Can Know God

Natalie Powers
At age 13 I was trained to teach older children whole 5 Day Club, but I remember being at a loss with how to translate that to little ones. When anyone younger than 5 or 6 came along it turned into play time, with no more emphasis on God or the Word. Then in my third year at CYIA training, we focused in on Little Kids and how to teach on their level. I had previously been helping/teaching at a weekday morning “Sunday school” type program for preschoolers, so the con-cept was not new to me. But as I gained information and techniques, I became confident and eventually became the full-time teacher at the program. Now I work with young children constantly, and am going for my associates degree in Early Childhood Education. I know Little Kids can know God. I led a 3 year old to the Lord just this last summer. Many young children are too egocentric to understand their need for a Savior, but knowing the gospel as they get old enough to truly understand God’s gift gives them the chance to respond as soon as they can comprehend it.

CEF Western WI
Anne Weibel

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Walk in the Park..One Summer Night

In early May, the idea of having a ministry walk-a-thon to raise funds and have a summer picnic was barely a blip on the radar. We had never done an event like this. The thought of doing a walk-a-thon prompted many questions, such as: who would come, where would we walk, could we raise awareness and raise funds for the ministry by doing a walk-a-thon, and most importantly, how could we possibly put this together before the summer was over?
This project would be a challenge for any team, no matter how many months you had to plan. As the wheels started to turn, we committed the idea to prayer and a plan started to formulate. God was our guide. He led us to the perfect location, inspired us through research and opened many doors to make this a reality. We received confirmation each step of the way that a walk-a-thon was in our future.

Fast forward to August 23, 2018…. God provided a perfect evening for our first annual ‘Step-Up’ for the Gospel Walk-a-thon. We chose this theme because we wanted to encourage people to take action and be intentional when giving towards this event because eternity matters. Nothing in this world is more important than when a person, or a child chooses to follow Christ and those who supported our efforts chose to be a part of God’s plan to spread His Word.

God’s abundance was evident in every aspect of the walk-a-thon.
More than 80 people joined us for the walk and picnic at Hoyt Park in Wauwatosa; several summer missionaries made us laugh and brought us to a better understanding of how God used them to reach children for Christ and how they had grown in their own faith through the process. We also enjoyed a wonderful evening of food and fellowship, one of the few times many who serve and support the ministry could gather together. The BIG NEWS though, is how God used people all over the country to help CEF of Southeast WI meet our financial goal, which we thought was unrealistic when we started this journey. Our goal was $10,000 and we are amazed how God provided above and beyond that amount!

Because of your generosity we can continue to build new relationships with children, schools, church partners and our volunteers. Our God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do! We rejoice together and celebrate the abundance of His gifts on this humble ministry because the children we serve cannot support the work of CEF, but you can. Thank You!

CEF Southeast WI Chapter

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Constant Ebb and Flow of Ministry

Once again we wrap up another year of ministry here at CEF® of the Greater St. Croix Valley. There is the temptation to think, “Same old, same old,” but God is always doing something new in the lives and hearts of His creatures - the men, women and children He created for His own good pleasure.

Pastor Brad teaching in Spring Valley
Our ministry has two seasons, summer 5-Day Clubs with teen training and Good News Clubs with adult training throughout the school year. In the 2017-2018 ministry year we had six Good News Clubs with 149 enrolled, 34 first-time professions of faith and 12 assurances of faith. We held five teacher trainings with over 60 in attendance. There were fifteen 5-Day Clubs taught with 275 enrolled, two first-time professions of faith, one assurance of faith and one Christian dedication. There were 50 volunteers putting in over 1,285 hours to make all this happen!

Last year a new Good News Club® was started in Spring Valley and this year a new one will begin in Luck. It is so exciting to watch the Lord work in giving us new avenues to share the Gospel with children.  We also have interest from two churches for teacher trainings in October and November. We plant and/or water the seeds of God’s Word and He alone gives the increase. Thank you Father for the privilege of working alongside You for the furtherance of Your glorious kingdom!      ~ Lisa Inlow St Croix Valley Chapter

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ministry in Janesville

CEF® Janesville Mark and Maurene Olson joined the Greater Madison CEF team in January 2018, with Mark serving as Volunteer Rock County Ministry Coordinator. With the goal to be on staff full-time by the end of 2018. He and Maurene have been married for 39 years. They have 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren. Update from Mark: We have a great opportunity for churches to utilize CEF ministries to reach the children of Rock County. Our goal is to build church partnerships for Good News Clubs® (GNCs) and 5-Day Clubs® in every City in Rock County. Right now we have five new supporting churches, and have shared with their congregations the opportunities in Rock County. On June 30, Maurene and I were at the Freedom Fest in Janesville sharing CEF and our role with pastors and others. This led to discussing how we can partner with them to reach Rock County for Christ. We have three new churches that are interested in learning how they can sponsor a GNC at the Elementary School they sponsor. To make these new opportunities in Rock County happen we’d like to be able to become full time paid staff with CEF. That means we need to raise additional financial support. Our goal is to raise $2800 per month for our monthly needs. We have raised nearly $800 per month at this time. We also need $3000 Startup funds for three-month schooling at CEF International Headquarters in Missouri. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a part of our ministry? We are excited and look forward to the opportunity to share CEF with you and to partner with you reaching the children of our county. In His Service ph.# 1-608-314-7341 Mark and Maurene Olson E-Mail.

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